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Brokerage - Home Care

Home Assist Community Services can assist with Home Care Brokerage Requests. Please contact your Brokerage Provider with your request/s and they will send a referral to Home Assist Community Services on your behalf.

Home Maintenance

Domestic Assistance

Home Modifications

If you have complex needs, with our help you may be able to access Home Care Brokerage helping you to stay at home for longer with support from Home Assist Community Services. We offer a wide range of in home services enabling you to live independently in your own home by providing the needed services.

Home Assist Community Services enables your wish to stay at home for as long as you can you with a co-designed service agreement and a customised budget tailored to your needs, which means you can decide what services you want and maintain your own overview of available funding through this brokerage and how those funds are being spent.

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Home Care consumers whose Home Care Package is managed by an approved provider other than Home Assist Community Services, are able to request their Home Care Provider to broker services to Home Assist Community Services.

Home Assist Community Services has Memorandums of Understanding with 42 Home Care Package Providers in the areas we service and we undertake brokerage services for them.

We are able to undertake the following services once we receive a referral from your package provider to deliver the following:

– Domestic Assistance

– Yard Maintenance/lawn mowing

– Minor Home Modifications as specified by an Occupational Therapist

– Major Home Modifications as specified by an Occupational Therapist

Prior to works being commenced the following conditions are required:

– Home Care Package provider must make and approve the referral

– For Modifications – Occupational Therapy Assessment

– Permission to conduct a site inspection

– Home Assist Community Services will provide a quote for the services required and forward it to the Package Provider.

Once the quote is approved services will be organised.

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