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Major Modifications

Funding for Major Home Modifications service is provided by the Commonwealth Government to address practical housing difficulties and enhance accessibility for individuals who wish to remain in their own homes. Please note that the funding does not cover beautification of an area, and the service is provided with a co-contribution from the consumer. *Terms and conditions apply*

Eligibility: To access this service, please follow these steps:

Obtain My Aged Care Codes: Begin by lodging an online application with My Aged Care. Once your eligibility has been established and approved, you will receive the necessary referral codes.

Complete Occupational Therapy Assessment: After obtaining the referral codes, it is essential to undergo an Occupational Therapy Assessment. This assessment will evaluate your specific needs and determine the extent of home modifications required.

Ask the Occupational Therapist to head to our website and submit the Online Application form ( consumers are unable to complete an application personally: Ensure that your referral contains the referral code and Occupational Therapy Assessment, diagrams and any medical report. This information provides us with the mandatory information in order to review your request.

Once your application is received, Home Assist Community Services will review it and coordinate the necessary steps to initiate the major home modifications process. While we strive to address requests promptly, please note that wait times may apply due to demand and resource availability. The Major Modifications Committee meet each quarter, wait times do apply.

Please be aware that our service focuses on practical housing modifications, and does not cover beautification aspects or personal choices regarding tiles or recessing into walls. We will provide you with a choice of materials, however we are unable to use your supplies due to our warranting the works. Funding caps, * terms and conditions, and wait times apply*.

Our experienced team can implement a wide range of major modifications to make your home more accessible.

Some examples include:

Wheelchair accessible bathrooms

Wheelchair ramps

Stair climbers

Water lifts

Entry and access points


We are a registered QBCC Licensed builder, all work is warranted by our registration number is : 1109355

To arrange assessment for Commonwealth Home Support Programme Home Modifications eligibility contact:

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