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Home Assist Community Services is committed to providing Home Care Services that place the consumer at the centre of our care and services.

Home Assist Community Services will work in partnership with you to coordinate a package of care and services to meet your assessed needs, your goals and your preferences allowing you to remain living in your own home for as long as you possibly can or choose to do so.

The Home Care Package Program supports older Australians with complex ageing related care needs to live independently in their own homes, using a consumer-directed care approach to maintain the care recipient’s capabilities as they age. Home care packages (‘packages’) deliver co-ordinated packages of care and services to meet people’s assessed ageing related care needs within the limits of their individual home care budget and the scope of the Program.  How care and services are identified and delivered and should reflect and respect the individual, their ageing related care needs, personal situation and preferences.

The Home Care Package Program provides a subsidy and supplements (where an individual is eligible) towards a co-ordinated package of care, services and care management to meet each person’s assessed ageing related care needs, care goals and preferences.  There are four levels of packages to reflect the different levels of assessed ageing related care needs to support people to safely remain living at home as long as it is appropriate.

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If you are interested in any of the services offered by Home Assist, please contact us so we can arrange a time to talk with you.

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